LInear MOdeling
for Magneto-
and Electro-


Download the zip file, clone or fork our master repository

Use with EEGLAB

LIMO tools were developped with EEGLAB functions for reading files and do some vizualization. Simply unpack the repository into the EEGLAB plugin folder. It can be called via STUDY using the EEGLAB developper version.

Stand Alone usage

All the statistics are performed internaly and therefore our tools can be used as stand alone. After setting the path to the toolbox, you can call statistical functions and vizualize results. Check the wiki on how to use each function for your analyses

FieldTrip wishes

The next frontiers ... there are no reasons why we could not integrate. We are actively looking for new contributors who want to make this happen.

Tools overview

Modern and Robust statistics for electrophysiology


Flexible Models through a hiearchical approach

  • Categorical variables
  • Continuous variables
  • Between trial variance
  • Between subject variance


Remove influence of outliers

  • Robust estimators
  • Credible intervals


Use modern resampling techniques

  • Whole space analysis
  • FWER correction
  • Clustering
  • TFCE

How to contribute to the project

The prefered way to report bugs is to submit an issue on github, but emailing us is fine too. We'll try to adress your problem as soon as possible

Bug report

The fastest way to get acknowledged is to add your name to our contributor list

Get acknowledged

Found a bug and fixed it! submit the pull request to we can merge it - add your name on our contributor lists

Bug fixing

There are always new methods to use, maybe you designed one?. Get in touch to integrate it to the list of tools

Add your own algorithms

There many ways to contribute, including documentation and testing, check it out

Beyond bugs